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Take Action: Kicking Gas in 2020: Support for Strong, All-Electric Reach Codes in San Carlos

San Carlos City Council will consider the most significant climate actions the city can take: adopting “Reach Code” green building standards that would make all-electric, zero carbon homes and buildings the mainstream choice for new construction and major residential reconstruction projects.

Add your voice by sending an email before Monday, October 26th asking the City Council to move forward quickly to adopt a strong, all-electric reach code to avoid expanded use of fossil fuels such as natural gas.  

Send your message to:


Honorable Mayor Collins and City Council Members,
I am writing to thank you for considering adoption of all-electric reach codes. I urge you to move forward quickly to adopt a reach code requiring new and reconstructed homes and buildings to be all-electric. Preventing the use of fossil fuels, including natural gas, in new and reconstructed buildings will create more affordable, cleaner, healthier, and more resilient housing and buildings for the San Carlos community.
Adopting reach codes is the single most significant climate action that the city can take this year. Reach codes promote all-electric heating and appliances that make our homes and buildings safer, healthier, and more affordable, as well as help us meet our climate action plan goals. They also future-proof our city against expensive and uncertain supplies of natural gas.

Following the lead of San Mateo County and 16 area cities, including Mountain View, Redwood City, and San Mateo, that have recently adopted all-electric reach codes would maximize the benefits for our city, including:

  • Saving money – All-electric homes save an average $10,000 in construction costs.
  • Improving health and safety by avoiding indoor pollution and highly flammable combustion sources inside homes & buildings.
  • Making a highly visible and practical step forward to address the climate crisis, by breaking the cycle of fossil fuel dependency in buildings. Each new electric home avoids up to 4 tons of carbon emissions per year.

The reach code would be a strong market signal to spur development of more carbon free, electric solutions for existing homes. I hope you will adopt a strong reach code with all-electric requirements that prevent the expansion of natural gas infrastructure in San Carlos. This is an urgently needed climate action to phase out fossil gas fuel use in our homes and buildings! Let’s work together towards a fossil-free and climate-stable future.
[Your name]

Sister District & Swing Left: Top 10 State Legislative Targets

Sister District and Swing Left are focusing on the 10 most critical and winnable state legislative races in the country.

Donate to this fund and your donation will be split evenly between the candidates. In a census year (redistricting!), these races are especially critical to win.

Swing Left and Sister District have teamed up to bring you our top targets for this final critical stretch. This is our last chance in a decade to fight back against gerrymandering.

These are candidates who will redraw district lines in 2021, and who need our help the most right now.

LD-20 (S) Doug Ervin
LD-20 (S) Felicia French
LD-6 (H) Judy Schwiebert
LD-6 (H) Coral Evans
SD-49 Julie Slomski
HD-160 Anton Andrew
HD-45 Frances Jackson
HD-63 Ricky Hurtado
HD-126 Natali Hurtado
HD-138 Akilah Bacy

San Carlos Breathe Vigil

Join us for a peaceful vigil promoting racial justice and allyship in America.

  • Sunday, June 14t 
  • 5-6 pm

Online event: Register here to attend the online event. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants the day of the event.

Live event: Burton Park Field

If you attend the live event, please wear a mask and keep a 6’ distance.

Vigil postponed for safety concerns

We got a lot of input from community members and community leaders that the timing isn’t right for an event in San Carlos.

There are right-wing extremists groups that are using events, particularly evening events, as an excuse to instigate violence and cause damage.

It is for this reason we are cancelling the vigil tomorrow with the intention of scheduling a new one soon.

We agonized over this decision. We don’t want to be silenced by the worst parts of American society; but we also don’t want to be an unwilling magnet for violence.

PPAG is committed to being a participant and an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. We will hold our vigil soon when the overall situation is less unpredictable.

In the meantime, here are some actions you can immediately take to support Black Lives Matter

Call To Action

Many of you may be upset with the decision to cancel. Frankly, we’re upset with the decision as well. But given what we understood the risks to be, it was the decision we had to make.

We will announce a new date and time for the vigil as soon as we can.

Cancelled – Breathe: A Sunset Vigil for George Floyd

This event is cancelled and will be rescheduled. You can read more here

Note new date (June 1). We are changing the date to be compliant with the new County Health Order


  • Monday, June 1
  • 8:00-8:30 pm
  • Burton Park

Note new date (June 1). We are changing the date to be compliant with the County Health Order

Turn off the news and join together in a peaceful vigil against racism. Please bring masks, practice social distancing, and bring a light for Mr. Floyd. We stand in solidarity with all our neighbors of color.

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Flip the Senate and Help in the Community

I’m sure we were all inspired by Dr. Fauci’s bold statement that the best way to combat COVID-19 is to get active in our community, help our neighbors, and hand Trump and the Trumpists* a humiliating defeat in Nov.

So following his brave lead, we have the following Take Action updates below. Read on, be inspired, make a difference! In this time of crisis, be the type of person you want your grandkids to read about in history books!

* ok… he didn’t actually say that, but you know he was thinking it

Mark Kelly for AZ Senate

PPAG is working with Mark Kelly to flip a Senate seat in Arizona. Winning Arizona is a major step to flipping the Senate.

Kelly’s a:

  • Combat veteran
  • Astronaut
  • Gun sense advocate (he’s married to Gabby Giffords)
  • Environmentalist

Imagine having an astronaut in DC vs. all the science-illiterates we have now. Donate today and stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser!

Virtual Comedy Show to support Sister District.

Laugh with us and help flip North Carolina blue!

  • What: Virtual comedy show with Lauren Mayer, to benefit Sister District candidate
  • When: April 15, 6:30pm via Zoom.

RSVP here

Donations will be matched up to $5000!

PPAG Virtual Meeting

Social distance with a social conscious! PPAG’s first virtual monthly meeting

  • When: April 19
  • Time: 4:00 pm

RSVP to get the Zoom link

Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Stop ICE Transfers

ICE is notoriously known for medical neglect. San Mateo County must take action NOW to release people incarcerated in our jails and juvenile hall to protect lives and public health.

Tell San Mateo County Officials – Decarcerate & Stop ICE Transfers!

1) Click Here to Make Calls & Emails to San Mateo County Officials 

2) Haz clic aquí para hacer llamadas y correos electrónicos a los representantes del condado de San Mateo

Shop Local- Support San Carlos Stores

Great retail in and around San Carlos is still open for business. Shop local for all your lockdown needs!

Support Second Harvest Food Bank

Volunteer to distribute food from Second Harvest

Take a Hike..

…as long as you stay away from other hikers! Here’s a list of open spaces that are open

Other Ways to Help and How to Stay Well

Great list of resources from the Community Foundation on how to help others and how to take care of yourself.

Shop Local: Virtual Laurel St.

Great retail in and around San Carlos is still open for business. Shop local for all your lockdown needs!

Based in San Carlos


Women’s and Men’s Fashion

Music Instruments, Sheet Music


Friends of San Carlos

Health and Beauty

How to Help During COVID-19 Crisis

san carlos train

San Carlos! Yes, COVID-19 is scary, but none of our neighbors or our neighborhood businesses should fear for their security, their homes, their next meal, or their stability.

Not in our community. Not on our watch.

These are tough times for all of us, no doubt. But there is always something you can do. There is always someone you can help.

Provide Gift Cards to Local Families

Our fantastic school district is helping to ensure local families have food, school supplies and other resources. Please help by buying a gift card and sending it to a school principal, who will ensure it gets to a deserving family

Please buy digital gift cards and email them directly to the Principals. Do not purchase physical gift cards.


Volunteer with San Mateo’s or San Carlos’s Emergency Operation Center

Emergency Operation Centers at San Mateo County and in San Carlos need people to help with food delivery or check-in phone calls to older adults who are sheltering in place.

Volunteer here for San Mateo County
Volunteer here for San Carlos

Samaritan House

If you are not medically at risk or living with someone who is and are able to volunteer with food preparation and/or transport, email:

Donate! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Go to to donate right now.