Sister District & Swing Left: Top 10 State Legislative Targets

Sister District and Swing Left are focusing on the 10 most critical and winnable state legislative races in the country.

Donate to this fund and your donation will be split evenly between the candidates. In a census year (redistricting!), these races are especially critical to win.

Swing Left and Sister District have teamed up to bring you our top targets for this final critical stretch. This is our last chance in a decade to fight back against gerrymandering.

These are candidates who will redraw district lines in 2021, and who need our help the most right now.

LD-20 (S) Doug Ervin
LD-20 (S) Felicia French
LD-6 (H) Judy Schwiebert
LD-6 (H) Coral Evans
SD-49 Julie Slomski
HD-160 Anton Andrew
HD-45 Frances Jackson
HD-63 Ricky Hurtado
HD-126 Natali Hurtado
HD-138 Akilah Bacy

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