How to Help During COVID-19 Crisis

san carlos train

San Carlos! Yes, COVID-19 is scary, but none of our neighbors or our neighborhood businesses should fear for their security, their homes, their next meal, or their stability.

Not in our community. Not on our watch.

These are tough times for all of us, no doubt. But there is always something you can do. There is always someone you can help.

Provide Gift Cards to Local Families

Our fantastic school district is helping to ensure local families have food, school supplies and other resources. Please help by buying a gift card and sending it to a school principal, who will ensure it gets to a deserving family

Please buy digital gift cards and email them directly to the Principals. Do not purchase physical gift cards.


Volunteer with San Mateo’s or San Carlos’s Emergency Operation Center

Emergency Operation Centers at San Mateo County and in San Carlos need people to help with food delivery or check-in phone calls to older adults who are sheltering in place.

Volunteer here for San Mateo County
Volunteer here for San Carlos

Samaritan House

If you are not medically at risk or living with someone who is and are able to volunteer with food preparation and/or transport, email:

Donate! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Go to to donate right now.

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