Moratorium on Commercial Development; San Carlos Needs Housing

We are asking the San Carlos City Council for a moratorium on commercial development so the community can have a discussion on building more housing.

  • Over 2M sq ft of new commercial/office space development is planned for San Carlos
  • This may result in over 6,000 new jobs created in San Carlos
  • There is no plan to accommodate all these new workers; where will they live? how will they commute?
  • New workers will exacerbate the existing housing crisis in San Carlos; the city is unaffordable for our essential workers like teachers, first responders, nurses etc.
  • We welcome new commercial development, but it must be accompanied with a plan to support family housing across all the income levels in our community
  • We ask for a moratorium on new commercial development; we want to have a community dialog on how to build more housing for essential workers and new workers in San Carlos.

When: April 22

Time: 7:00

Where: San Carlos City Hall, 600 Elm St, San Carlos, CA 94070



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