Council Meeting: Child Care/ After School Care

The lack of child care and after school care is a problem in San Carlos. We need to bring it to the attention of the City Council. Here are things the Council could be doing:
  1. Offer more programs at the Youth Center
  2. Offer space for professional child care providers
  3. Make it easier to open home child care
  4. Pressure the school district to make more space available either via Smart-E or professional child care like After School
Next steps:
Show up at the next Council meeting and ask them to get involved. For the Council to get involved, we’ll need to ask them to defer the matter to Staff, which will come up with proposals
When: Oct 8 7:00 pm
Where: 600 Elm St, San Carlos, CA 94070
  • Child care is a city issue, it impacts the well-being of the community at-large
  • We would like the City to investigate ways in which it can help with child care/after school care
  • We would like to work with the City on new proposals to create programs, or open up space for professional child care services

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