San Carlos Community Matching Fund to #KeepFamiliesTogether

Members of the San Carlos community are coming together to speak with one voice in support of immigrant families, and against the brutal policies of separating children at the border.

Members of the San Carlos community have set up matching funds up to $6K to benefit Texas Civil Rights Project

  1. What to do:
    1) Make a donation to Texas Civil Rights Project
    2) Email Kate Pfaff <> and Ron Piovesan <> with the amount of your donation
    3) An amount matching your donation will then be made to Texas Civil Rights Project, up to $6,000

Recent Updates:

Father’s Day Support for Immigrant Families, Resistance to Inhumane Policies

NBC: Bay Area Dads, Others Protest Separation of Immigrant Families

KTVU: Crowds gather in San Carlos to oppose separating immigrant children from families

Motherly: 10 powerful ways we can help immigrant children separated from their parents

IndyBay: Father’s Day Protest Against Trump Administration’s Policy Separating Families


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