Father’s Day: Support for Immigrant Families, Resistance to Inhumane Policies

35511048_10156538318564343_6662001769431695360_nWow, talk about Father’s Day political action!

A few days ago, we were feeling helpless in the face of inhumane news of the US government separating children from parents.

Then we took action and organized a candlelight vigil in solidarity with immigrant families.

The result:

  1. +$12K raised to support legal NGOs helping immigrant families
  2. 200 people attending the vigil on Father’s Day
  3. Coverage on NBC, Telemundo and Fox (which is kinda hilarious, but the local team is OK)

If you’re mad, sad or feeling helpless. Take action. Great things can happen.


NBC: Bay Area Dads, Others Protest Separation of Immigrant Families

KTVU: Crowds gather in San Carlos to oppose separating immigrant children from families

Motherly: 10 powerful ways we can help immigrant children separated from their parents

IndyBay: Father’s Day Protest Against Trump Administration’s Policy Separating Families



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