On Fathers Day: Three Steps to Oppose Inhumane Policies of Separating Families

Being a father is the best part of my life.
But now, in our country, thousands of children are being torn from their fathers and placed in detention camps.
Right now, there are fathers who have been forcibly separated from their children and who know nothing of their health or welfare.
As a father, I can scarcely imagine a worse situation.
On Father’s Day take a stand to support these families, and firmly against the inhumane policies that separate children from their mothers and fathers.

Step 1: Call your Representative and Senators

  • San Francisco Peninsula CA-14 (We know they are on the right side of this issue, but continue to support them!)
  • Ask Rep. Speier, Rep. Eshoo, Sen Feinstein, Sen Harris to tour Casa Padre, the children detention facility in Brownsville, Texas
  • Or look up your Rep/Senator
  • Check to ensure your Senator is supporting Senator Feinstein’s “Keep Families Together Act” (S.3036)

Step 2: Donate

Step 3: Agitate

  • Voice your disgust on the Dept of Justice comment line – 202-353-1555
  • Voice your disgust by contacting ICE community relations – https://www.ice.gov/contact/oce
  • General Dynamics has a contract with ICE to build/manage child camps. Voice your disgust-> Lucy Ryan: (703) 876-3631 lryan@generaldynamics.com

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