Amazing Night of Activism and Fundraising

Rep. Anna Eshoo sharing her insight

What a night! Over 100 RSVPs!!

We had it all: some laughs, some tears, a couple of drinks and a whole lot of great networking and community activism.

The headliner was Rep. Anna Eshoo who inspired us all to keep fighting to flip Congress in Nov. She shared with us why it is so critical to elect leaders who are intent on preserving the American traditions of inclusiveness and perseverance, and who are committed to holding the White House accountable.

We also heard from leaders in our own community. Dr. Dhiruj Kirpalani talked about the tragic toll of the opioid crisis and put a human face on the suffering endured because of opioid addiction. Sadly, none of the “ideas” proposed by the current administration do anything to help those suffering from opioid addiction, or do anything to contain the scale of this crisis.

Amy and Burghardt Tenderich shared their heartbreaking story of how they lost a close friend to gun violence. Sadly, they know from first-hand experience how a culture of violence and an unconstrained culture of guns inevitably leads to shocking and tragic loss.

Sindy Crisostomo shares her story of hard work and bravery

My personal highlight was hearing from Sindy Crisostomo, a courageous person who was brought to the US as a teenager from poverty in El Salvador. She is a DACA recipient.

Sindy worked hard to learn English, graduated top of her class in high school, got a full scholarship to UCLA and now has her dream job in real estate in San Francisco. Nothing was ever given to her; she works hard, pays taxes, supports her family and is the embodiment of the American dream. Yet despite this, she faces a painfully uncertain future as the DACA program hangs in a balance.

Through all these conversations (and a few drinks), we raised an amazing over $10,000 to help flip Congress and bring  real attention to issues such as opioid addition and gun violence, and to restore the futures in America of DACA recipients.

Thanks to all who gave of their time, their donations, their humor and their stories. There is still a long way to go until November, but we had a lot of fun taking our first few steps at the Cocktails for Candidates event.

friendly group
It was a lot of fun. Now on to November

group 1

group 2

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